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The 850 series Anesthesia Machine is equipped with an accurate dedicated anesthetic vaporizer and a safety device for preventing cyanosis and necessary alarm system. During the anesthesia, the patient’s respiratory functions can be managed by using a microcomputer controlled pneumatic electrically controlled synchronizing anesthesia respirator. Each connection part of the whole machine is a standard interface. A highly efficient and large volume soda lime absorber can minimize the re-inhalation of carbon dioxide by the patient.

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Quick Details

  • Type:Anesthesia Equipment & Accessories
  • Place of Origin:Sichuan, China
  • Brand Name:HESHUN
  • Model Number:850A
  • Warranty:2 years, 2 Years
  • After-sale Service:Online Technical Support
  • Instrument classification:Class I
  • Product name:anesthesia ventilator
  • Certificate:CE ISO
  • Respiratory Rate:1-100bpm
  • PEEP Range:0-20cmH2O
  • SIMV Rate:1-20bpm
  • Inspiratory Plateau:0-1 second
  • Vaporizer Concentration Ranges:0-5%
  • Vaporizer Slots:Double PA-I type slots
  • Back-up Power Supply:4 hours

Technical Specifications:


8.4 inch TFT display(850)
10.4 inch TFT display(850A)
Flowmeter Range
O2: 0.1-10L/min
N2O: 0.1-10L/min
Air: 0.1-10L/min
Ventilation Mode
Back-up Power Supply
4 hours

Tidal Volume

Adjustable range: 20-1500ml
Display range: 0-2000ml
Respiratory Rate
Inspiratory/Expiratory (I:E) Ratio
8:1-1:10 (capable of inverse ratio ventilation)
PEEP Range
0-20cmH2O (electronically controlled)
Inspiratory Pressure Trigger Range
-10-10cmH2O (electronically controlled)
1 sigh breath in every 80-120 breaths
Inhaled Oxygen Concentration Monitor
Inspiratory Plateau
0-1 second
Vaporizer Concentration Ranges
Vaporizer Slots
Double PA-I type slots

Safty & Alarm

Oxygen Alarm
It alarms when the oxygen supply from pipe or cylinders lower than 0.2MPa
Ventilation Volume Alarm
Lower: 0~12L/Min; Up: 18L/ Min
Power Alarm
It Alrmas while AC and DC supply failure ; Keep alraming time: >120s
Air Tract Pressure Alarm
Lower: 0.2kPa ~5.0 kPa; Up: 0.3kPa ~ 6.0kPa

Common Features

  • Operating Modes: Pneumatically driven & electronically controlled, closed, semi-closed and semi-open
  • Anesthesia Ventilator: Built-in 8.4 inch color TFT display, able-display Pressure-Time, Frequency-Time, Pressure-Volume and Frequency-Volume, displayed waveforms can be cycled instantly with a touch of a button
  • Standard integrated metallic modular respiratory circuit; completely solves the problem of gas sealing under high temperature disinfection, easy to clean and disinfect
  • Power Failure Support Functions: Automatically converts to backup power mode during AC power outages
  • Equipped with electronic pressure differential flow sensor, imported respiratory control valve, stable and reliable, rapid response time
  • High precision five tube flowmeter, fitted with interlocking oxygen-nitrous oxide supply, guarantees oxygen output is never lower than 21%
  • Nonhazardous environmentally friendly frame, precise construction, elegant design, equipped with automated self-checking function during startup and an automatic self-calibrating sensor
  • Alarms: Audible and/or visual alarms for tidal volume, airway pressure, oxygen concentration, asphyxia, power failure, oxygen failure and other alarms, also features a alarm query function
  • Vaporizer: Imported tank components assembled locally; Enflurance, Isoflurance and Sevoflurance (Halothance optional). Also possesses self-compensating functionality
  • Advanced and stable Adjustable Pressure Limiting (APL) valve, suitable for low and ultra low flow anesthesia
  • Equipped with advanced international rotating Na-lime tank, easy-operate, requires only one hand, and uses imported PPSU material and temperature resistant to 134°C
  • Multi-parameter Patient Monitor: Optional

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