High Frequency Mobile C-arm X-ray


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Orthopedics: restore bone translocation, reset, fixing

Surgery: taking foreign bodies out of the body, cardiac catheterization, implantable pacemakers, interventional treatment, some of angiography and local photography etc.

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: China
  • Brand Name: Raecho
  • Model Number: RLX-112E
  • Properties: Medical X-ray Equipments & Accessories
  • Instrument classification: Class II
  • High frequency inverter power supply: Power:5.0kW
  • Perspective max rated capacity: Tube current 8 mA
  • Automatic fluoroscopy: tube voltage 40 kv~120kv
  • Manual fluoroscopy: tube voltage 40 kv~120kv
  • Pulse fluoroscopy: tube voltage 40 kv~120kv
  • Photography tube voltage, mA, mAs: 40~120KV, 20~100mA
  • Plate holder size: 200mmx250mm(8″x10″)
  • X-ray tube special for high frequency: large
  • focus: 1.5, mall focus :0.3



1. New integrated design of TV system and mainframe, it does not need to connect electric cable, so the operation is more convenient.

2. High-quality combined HF-HV X-ray generator with our high voltage cable, it reduces loss and the quality of x-ray and image are good.

3. Electric rotating lead piece iris beam limiting device, it can satisfy multi-angle and multi-direction anatomical display.

4. The machine adopts imported image intensifier, matching with high-definition and high-resolution CCD and progressive scan display system, which matches with image system better.

5. With the perspective KV, MA automatic tracking feature, the image brightness and definition are automatically set at optimal function.

6. Graphical colorfully LCD touchable screen console interface, the operation is convenient and intelligent.

7. Unique hand-held remote controller, the doctor can operate it a far distance, so it’s more convenient.

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