Flat Panel Digital X-ray Machine


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Product Description :
UC-Arm Digital X-ray Radiography System(Flat Panel-DR); Generator: 32KW or 50KW, 0.1-500mAs; Tube: 0.6/1.2MM, 40-150KV, 300KHU; Detector: 17 x 17 in, 9 megapixel; AEC(Automatic Exposure System): Measure the dose of X-ray used in real time operation within the Medical Radiology, Oncology and Chiropractors; One Button Hand Brake: Doctors only need to press hand brake down and then all the exposure terms are automatically finished.



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Specifications about the Digital X ray machine

CPI High Frequency High Voltage Generator Made in Canada
Power 32KW OR 50KW
Frequency 100KHZ
Photography (mAS) 0.1-500mAs
Photography (KV) 40-150KV
VARIAN RAD-14 Tube Made in U.S.A
Focus 0. 6/1.2MM
Photography (KV) 40-150KV
Heat Capacity 300KHU
Flat Panel Detector
VARIAN Flat Panel Image Detector Made in U.S.A
Receptor Type Amorphous silicon
(adopts Charge Well PixelTM technology)
Conversion Screen CsI
Image Size 17 x 17 inch
Image Pixel 9 Megapixel
Pixel Matrix ≥3,072(horizontal) x 3,072(vertical)
Limiting Resolution ≥3.6LP/MM
Energy Range 40-150 KV
Fill Factor 100%
Scan Method Progressive
A/D conversion 14 bits
AEC  (Automatic Exposure Control System)
Number of measuring fields 3
JPI Grid Made in Korea
Type Stationary
Size 460 mm×460mm
Grid ratio 10:1
Density 80L/cm
Focus 130cm
RS Collimator Made in Korea
Operation method Manual
Vision square
Indicator light time limit 30 seconds±20%
Radiography Stand
Type UC-Arm Radiography Stand
Cross arm movement range (55-165)cm±3cm,continuously adjustable
Cross arm rotates around rotation center
(under condition of safe rotation height)
Focus screen distance (100-180)cm±5cm,continuously adjustable
Length 200cm(±3 cm)
Height 70cm(±3 cm)
Width 65cm(±3 cm)
Locking mode mechanical locking
Aluminium equivalent < 1.7mmAl

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