10L Mobile Oxygen Concentrator


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  1. Nebulizer (Atomization).
  2. Low purity alarm: when oxygen purity is above 82%, it will give green light. When the purity is blow 82%(82% not included), it will give red light.
  3. Maintenance alarm: alarm for maintenance after 3000 hours operation.
  4. Alarm for high temperature inside systems above 50°C.
  5. Pulse oximeter: fingertip pulse oximeter is available for monitoring patient oxygen saturation on site.
  6. Small LCD display: accumulating time; present working time presetting time.
  7. Two humidifier bottles is optional.

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Quick Details

  • Type:Breathing Apparatus
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Brand Name: Raecho
  • Model Number: RAY-10
  • Instrument classification: Class II
  • Net Weight: 26Kgs
  • Dimension: 365*375*600mm
  • Sound Level: ≤50db
  • Power Consumption: ≤550W
  • Outlet Pressure: Outlet Pressure
  • Flow Rate: 1-9L/min, 93%±3%, 10L/min, 90%±2%
  • Alarm: Power failure alarm, High & Low pressure alarm
  • LCD Display: Switch times, Operating pressure, Present Working Time
  • Power: AC230V, 50Hz(AC220V/110V±10%, 50/60±1Hz are available)
  • Optional: Two humidifier bottles


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